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Monday, April 7, 2014

Showing Our Disney Side

To say we are big Disney fans is an understatement. We love the movies, characters, and of course the shining star of Disney...Disneyland!

My kids recently learned how to make perlers, you know those things you played with as a kid making cute hearts and shapes out of beads and then ironing them? Well I don't know about you, but I always made simple creations with my perler beads. These kids? They make artwork. 

They wanted to show their Disney side so we made two different Disney inspired sets. 

This first one is, you guessed it, the sibling duo themselves Anna and Elsa from Frozen. This is what the Perler's look like when they are arranged on a tray before they are ironed together.

And who couldn't forget the simple yet classic look of Minnie and Mickey Mouse? I love the cute pink and white polka dot bow! There is a dime at the bottom right of the picture as a reference for scale. 

It's such a great activity to do as a family and really encourages children's creativity and helps with fine motor skills. 

Want to make your own perlers? You can find Perler beads at most local craft stores and online. If you want a full tutorial let me know! 


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