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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Trust the Timing Of Your Life

As part of my life long search for calm and balance in my life I have begun following Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, on Facebook. I am one of the few who has yet to actually read Eat Pray Love (it's on my Kindle, I'm working on it). However, I've heard her speak and she is so full of positive energy and perspective and really seems to have it all together.

Recently she shared this on her page after having to cancel a much looked forward to trip to India last minute after having a health issue:

This is why I follow her on Facebook, for these moments of clarity and inspiration I relate to my own life. At the time I remember thinking, "that's a really good thing to do, I should try harder to trust the timing of my life."

I even thought of my sister-in-law who within the last month has gone from having a cold, to pneumonia, to cancer. Her life was in limbo at the time already, her being between jobs and living situations, and to have cancer added on top of it all is a lot for anyone. And yet she handles it with such grace and faith and truly trusts in the timing of her life.

There are times where life hands me a bowl of lemons and I want to say, no thanks you keep them. Other times prayers are sent heavenward and seem to go unanswered without any logical reason why and I turn to sorrow.

Whatever our situation may be, good or bad, joy or sorrow there is a huge difference in just "getting through it" and really trusting it. When these waves of life come and start beating us down we might try to look out to shore for help, only to see the next wave in front of us. What we might not see is the lifeboat that is just beyond that next wave, waiting to rescue us.

We'll never get to that rescue if we panic, flail about, and fight the water just like we'll never find peace and balance in our trials if we panic and flail about and fight against them. Hold on to them, embrace them, seek help and solace where you can, and trust in the timing of your life.

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